Fairytales Of Slavery: Societal Distinctions, Technoshamanism, and Nonhuman Personhood



“How long have you been lost down here?
How did you come to lose your way?
When did you realize
That you’d never be free?”
–Miranda Sex Garden, “A Fairytale About Slavery”

One of the things I’ve been thinking about, lately, is the politicization of certain spaces within philosophy of mind, sociology, magic, and popular culture, specifically science fiction/fantasy. CHAPPiE comes out on Friday in the US, and Avengers: Age of Ultron in May, and while both of these films promise to be relatively unique explorations of the age-old story of what happens when humans create machine minds, I still find myself hoping for something a little… different. A little over a year ago, i made the declaration that the term to watch for the next little while thereafter was “Afrofuturism,” the reclaimed name for the anti-colonial current of science fiction and pop media as created by…

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Remember that peace is the key ingredient to your happiness. When you aren’t at peace, you will drive yourself crazy. God assures that he has us in the palm of his hand, so let him handle your battles. 

Turning a Hustle into a Business

“Some people spend most of their lives hustling but can’t figure out how to do business. Hustlers ware out. Thus you have the talent but not the mentality. If you have never been expose to the business world then you are stuck in a dimension that is beneath you. Exposure is the way to greatness. Don’t miss your opportunity to take full advantage of exposure.”